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Starting PONVORY® Treatment | PONVORY® (ponesimod)

Before you can start PONVORY® safely, your healthcare professional may ask you to complete a few tests

These tests include:

  • ecg

    An electrocardiogram, or ECG, to measure how your heart is working

  • blood_work

    Blood work to test your overall health, liver function, and antibodies to varicella-zoster virus

  • eye_exam

    An eye exam to determine your risk for developing issues with vision, like macular edema

first dose of PONVORY®  at home

Most people can take their first dose of PONVORY® at home instead of in a doctor's office or another healthcare setting

Depending on your pretests and/or cardiac history, you might also be asked to complete first dose, 4-hour monitoring, which is required for people with certain cardiac conditions (slow heart rate, certain types of heart block, and heart attack or heart failure occurring >6 months prior to treatment initiation and in stable condition). Your healthcare professional will inform you if this monitoring is required.

Getting your PONVORY® 14-Day Starter Pack and Maintenance Dose

After completing your pretests, you and your healthcare professional will determine when you’re ready to begin PONVORY®. In preparation for your first dose of PONVORY®, you will receive a  PONVORY® 14-Day Starter Pack and a separate bottle that contains your 20 mg maintenance dose of PONVORY®.

The Starter Pack is used for patients beginning treatment with PONVORY®. You will start treatment with a low dose of medication and gradually increase the dose over 14 days, carefully following the instructions in the Starter Pack. After you finish taking the pills in the Starter Pack, you will continue treatment on Day 15 using the 20 mg maintenance dose of PONVORY®, which will be provided in a separate prescription bottle.

When you are finishing the bottle of your 20 mg maintenance dose of PONVORY®, you can work with your specialty pharmacy to help fulfill future shipments of your medication.

For more information about the Dosing and Administration of PONVORY®, please refer to the full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide.

For more information, download 3 Steps to Your First Dose: A Guide to Getting Started on PONVORY®