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PONVORY® Resources | PONVORY® (ponesimod)


The following resources are available to you to download and review, or you can print them out and use them in collaboration with your healthcare professional, care partners, and treatment team.

Discussion Guide: Considerations for Managing Your RMS

Discussion Guide

A Helpful Guide to PONVORY®

PONVORY® Brochure

Titration Guide cover

PONVORY® Titration Guide

3 Steps to Your First Dose: A Guide to Getting Started on PONVORY®

3 Steps to Your First Dose: A Guide to Getting Started on PONVORY®

Preparing for virtual visits with your healthcare professional

You may have the option to meet virtually with your healthcare professional for nonemergency appointments by using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To help you prepare for virtual visits, you should:

  • Treat your virtual visit like you would an in-person visit—ensure the room is private, well lit, quiet, and free of distractions
  • Write down your top 3 concerns to discuss with your healthcare professional
  • Download the required program or software needed for your virtual visit prior to your appointment, test it, and call your healthcare professional's office with any technical questions ahead of your scheduled appointment
  • Clear a space in the room where you plan to have your virtual visit and wear appropriate clothes and shoes, as your exam may include walking
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure your virtual visit is covered and understand any out-of-pocket expenses