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How To Take PONVORY® | PONVORY® (ponesimod)

How to take PONVORY®

It’s important to follow the dosing instructions for PONVORY®. Here, we’ve included step-by-step guidance to help you stay on track and avoid missing a dose. Be sure to write down the day and date you start taking PONVORY®.

How to use the PONVORY® 14-Day Starter Pack


The PONVORY® Starter Pack slowly increases your dose of PONVORY® so your body can adjust to the new medicine.

Your Starter Pack is clearly labeled with the day you will take each pill along with the pill's dose. For example, on Day 1 your dose will be 2 mg and by Day 14 your dose will be 10 mg.

You will take only 1 pill each day when using the Starter Pack, with or without food. Make sure that you’re on the right day so you take the pills in order.

The Starter Pack allows you to slowly increase your dose of medication until you reach the recommended dose of 20 mg of PONVORY®. This is also called your maintenance dose. You will receive a separate prescription bottle with your 20 mg maintenance dose.

Using your Starter Pack is new for you, so we want to help make sure you're taking the right dose on the right day. The following diagram is based off of an image of your Starter Pack. We've added red arrows to help you understand the order you should take the tablets in your Starter Pack.

14 day starter pack
  • Take one pill each day
  • Your start date is Day 1. Take the pill labeled as Day 1
  • Continue with Days 2-6 following the arrows closely between Days 2-3 and Days 4-5
  • Follow the arrow closely to get from Day 6 to Day 7
  • For Days 7-9, follow the horizontal row along the bottom
  • For Days 10-14, follow the arrows closely between each day

The tablets vary in color and size based on the dosage strength.

Depending on your pretests and/or cardiac history, you might also be asked to complete first-dose monitoring, which is required for people with certain cardiac conditions (slow heart rate, certain types of heart block, and heart attack or heart failure occurring >6 months prior to treatment initiation and in stable condition). Your healthcare professional will inform you if this monitoring is required.

Do not stop taking PONVORY® unless your healthcare professional tells you to.

Managing your dose


Try your best not to miss a dose of PONVORY®. If you miss taking 1, 2, or 3 PONVORY® pills in a row in the Starter Pack, continue treatment by taking the first dose you missed as soon as you remember. Then, take 1 pill a day to continue with the Starter Pack dose as planned.

If you miss taking 1, 2, or 3 PONVORY® pills in a row while taking the 20 mg maintenance dose, continue treatment with the 20 mg maintenance dose.

If you miss taking PONVORY® for 4 or more days in a row while taking your Starter Pack or maintenance dose, you need to restart treatment with a new Starter Pack. You should call your healthcare professional right away. Do not restart PONVORY® after stopping it for 4 or more days in a row without talking to your healthcare professional.

PONVORY® complements evolving healthcare needs

mom spraying kids

PONVORY® leaves your body about 7 days after stopping treatment. This may be an important consideration when discussing family planning with your healthcare professional

PONVORY® may harm your unborn baby. Talk with your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

If you are a woman who can become pregnant, you should use effective birth control during your treatment with PONVORY® and for 1 week after you stop taking PONVORY®. Talk to your healthcare professional about what method of birth control is right for you during this time.

Tell your healthcare professional right away if you do become pregnant while taking PONVORY® or within 1 week after you stop taking PONVORY®.

When PONVORY® is stopped, symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) may return and become worse compared with before or during treatment. Always talk to your healthcare professional before you stop taking PONVORY® for any reason. Tell your healthcare professional if you have worsening symptoms of MS after stopping PONVORY®.