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Clinical Study Results | PONVORY® (ponesimod)

Proven results with PONVORY®

PONVORY® was proven to help control the symptoms and signs of relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS)

About 1130 people participated in the ~2-year study that compared PONVORY® with Aubagio®. The clinical study showed:


PONVORY® was SUPERIOR at reducing relapses and the number of new or enlarging lesions vs a proven oral therapy (Aubagio®)*


PONVORY® slowed 3-month disability progression in ~90% of people. There was no statistically significant difference in the percentages of people experiencing disability progression between PONVORY® and Aubagio®

*PONVORY® reduced the average number of new gadolinium-enhancing (GdE) T1 and new or enlarging T2 lesions.

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Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about how MS impacts your body and the most important symptoms for you to manage.

PONVORY® helped reduce the average number of relapses per year by 30.5% vs a proven oral therapy (Aubagio®)

30.5% fewer relapses than those taking a proven oral therapy (AUBAGIO®) over about 2 years

Relapses, also known as flare-ups, attacks, or exacerbations, occur when old MS symptoms get worse or new MS symptoms emerge. Some relapses produce 1 symptom, while others can cause 2 or more symptoms at the same time. These symptoms are different for everyone and can range from mild to severe.

The average relapse rate per year was 0.202 for people taking PONVORY® (567 people) and 0.290 for people taking Aubagio® (566 people) over the course of the clinical study.